Javier Reyes

With a background like that, he naturally insists on reliability and clarity of sound for his instrument’s signal path, and chose KLOTZ products to achieve it. Welcome to the family!


Javier Reyes is a well-known name to music fans from his work on the 8-string guitar for chart-storming US instrumental prog metal band Animals as Leaders.

The 2018 release of the album Polysemy by his band Mestis was accompanied by a tour, both creating a sensation in the music world.

As the driver of a high-calibre lineup, Reyes creates music that – as he describes it – gives a voice to his artistic creativity and reflects his personality and his emotions.

His use of the extended-range guitar helps him to compose, play and produce music that sounds deceptively simple, but actually pushes the boundaries of guitar technique.

Born in Washington DC, Reyes studied music at Montgomery College, Maryland. His wide-ranging list of musical influences spans metal, jazz and even Latin music.

The guitar maestro also plays bass and is an expert sound engineer.

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