Taewoong Jang


Not too many stories of top-class bassists get started in church, but this one does.

Taewoong Jang’s passion for music in general and the bass guitar in particular began as a child by playing for the local community.

Initially, he picked up the bass simply for the joy of music and the fascination of the instrument, never intending to make it a career but this was about to change soon.

His dedication and lots of hard work led him to become a skilled bassist. Inspired by his idol Marcus Miller, Jang has pursued his dream of creating pop and jazz as well as his own unique music.

As a profilic bassist, Jang has had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned Korean artists and acts such as Sung Si-kyung, Forestella, Seo young-eun, Oh Hwa-pyeong Trio, Lim Yong-hoon Jang Tae-woong Duo, Lee Geun-hyung’s Small Sky, and The Bridge Band.

He has also released two single albums, “Seoul” and “You” on Spotify and Apple Music.

In order to perfectly emphasise his characteristic slap technique, he is always on the lookout for equipment that fully captures his lively performance and conveys it to his audience with great authority.

With the TITANIUM supreme by KLOTZ AIS, he finally found what he was looking for in a guitar cable.

A robust and reliable companion for extensive touring, as well as for studio recordings with extreme dynamics, fast response and a 1st class level of detail to transport his grooves with a high degree of clarity at any time.

South Korea

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