Singer songwriter & producer PERC%NT has been serving his steadily growing fan community with sophisticated feelgood pop since 2017, distinguishing itself pleasantly from the usual standard of the genre, particularly due to strong written lyrics.

The name PERC%NT refers to the shape of two circles and a dividing line.

A circle is calm and serene, while the line is active and energetic. These qualities are also reflected in PERC%NT’s music.

His compositions are usually borne by an airy cheerfulness catching the listener in a dense vibe inviting him to dream and relax.

But every now and then there is also a melancholic track in his repertoire that puts the spotlight on PERC%NT’s talent as a lyricist.

Many songs are accompanied by music videos, in which the colourful & relaxed atmosphere is perfectly conveyed visually.

Uploads of new music by the artist, who is mainly active on YouTube, can trigger a moderate viral earthquake among his followers.

At peak times, PERC%NT’s tracks reach up to 700k views, making him one of the IT artists of the K-pop scene.

In search of equipment and especially cables that can easily withstand the rigours of touring while still offering excellent electrical values, PERC%NT has finally found what he was looking for.

To perfectly express his soulful vocals and harmonious guitar playing in the mix, PERC%NT relies on cables from the TITANIUM supreme series by KLOTZ AIS, both live and in the studio.

We are proud to be a part of your sound!

Welcome to the #KLOTZfamily

South Korea

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