Broken Valentine


Grunge is over? Not by a long shot!

The Korean post-grunge combo Broken Valentine is here to prove it.

The band from Seoul was founded in 2002 and since then has impressively shown that there is still a lot to be gained musically from the genre, even after influential bands like Soundgarden or Green River have left the field.

The group around lead guitarist Byun G is considered by many music fans to be one of the most influential bands in the Asian alternative scene today.

With a lot of fresh ideas, they revive a genre that once revolutionized rock music at the end of the ’80s.

A milestone on the road to success was their participation in the band competition “Asian Beat” in 2008, which led Broken Valentine all the way to the finals in Hong Kong.

The following year, the band won two awards at Asian Beat. The Grand Prize and the Best Composer Award (Byun G) for “Answer me”, which became their most popular song.

Broken Valentine was the first team in the history of the competition to win two awards in the same year.

Another respectable success on the national TV show Top Band helped the band to greater fame in 2011.

This was followed by the release of three full length albums and several EP’s, whose songs were presented to enthusiastic fans at a good amount of sold-out shows.

Appearances on TV, radio and of course a steadily growing YouTube channel do their bit to increase the band’s wingspan.

Broken Valentine’s music, which is characterized by its high intensity and gripping lyricism, has already been covered by numerous amateur bands and even artists from totally different genres.

Their perfectionist and explosive stage shows have made them a role model for many aspiring bands and newcomers.

The collaboration with KLOTZ AIS now adds the final touch to the band’s sound.

Cables from the TITANIUM supreme series provide enormous clarity and punch for the individual instruments in the mix, so that each instrument gets the presence it deserves.

As a result, guitar thunderstorms remain immovably in place and lead, rhythm and bass guitars are always clearly distinguishable from each other.

Whether live or in the studio, Broken Valentine rely on the superior sound quality and stageability of KLOTZ cables.

We are proud to welcome Broken Valentine to the #KLOTZfamily!

South Korea

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