Marcus Deml – Errorhead

Where equipment is concerned, Marcus Deml appreciates vintage treasures by Fender, amps from Tube Thomasen and cables from KLOTZ:

“I mostly use TITANIUM and LaGrange cables in the studio and on tour, because of their exceptional quality and outstanding sound.”


His band Errorhead is well established in Germany’s guitar scene, and his own name is synonymous for subtle, sophisticated electric guitar music at the very highest level.

Born in Prague, Marcus Deml grew up in Germany, notching up a few personal milestones that are common to many guitarists. First blown away by Jimi Hendrix – the ultimate guitar icon – at the age of 12, he soon branched out into jazz and added players like Alan Holdsworth to his personal favourites.

In 1986 Deml continued to pave the way for his career, studying at the prestigious GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) in Los Angeles and joining the teaching staff there after graduation. He was soon an established studio and live musician on California’s vibrant music scene. But getting a permanent visa proved more difficult, and in 1993 Deml left the USA to return to Germany.

His guitar work was soon equally sought-after over here – and still is today, after over 300 sessions for artists including Nena, Snap, Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt, Laith Al Deen, Kingdom Come and Saga.

In 1998 he launched his own musical vision with Errorhead, playing chunky, melodic guitar music in which virtuosity is never an end in itself, but allows the song to shine.

Errorhead can look back on five studio albums, a live album and a DVD. And anyone eager to find out exactly how Deml achieves his artistry can watch his teaching DVD, “Errorhead Guitar Secrets“, to explore his playing in more depth.

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