Krischan Frehse


How low can you go? As a versatile maestro of strings and keys, bass and piano, Krischan Frehse has the answer.

He began his musical career with the piano and studied at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Arnhem, Netherlands, majoring in piano, bass and composition.

Life’s too short to list his many, many musical milestones, so here’s a small selection:

studio productions with Vanilla Ninja, Akim, Marla Glen, Ralf Gum; live bassist with Mousse T., Max Herre, Juliette Schoppmann, Fola Dada; two tours with Helene Fischer; bassist with Stefan Raab’s band, The Heavytones, from 2012 to 2017.

A huge fan of playing live, Krischan is currently a member of Xaver Fischer Trio – yes, nu jazz is yet another of his specialities – and the King Kamehameha Club Band.

In his leisure time the laid-back Cologne native is a gourmet amateur chef and foodie, with a weakness for Italian and Asian cuisine of all kinds.

And we couldn’t resist adding that he has gourmet tastes in sound too –with KLOTZ cables as his favourites!

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