Darryl Jones

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‘I never wanted to be Michael Jackson, I wanted to play with Michael Jackson,’ is how briefly Darryl Jones summarises the approach of his second to none career.

And indeed, over the past decades the charismatic bass man had em all: Miles Davis, Sting or Peter Gabriel are just a few top names in music who have appreciated Darryl Jones’ services on bass.

But ultimately ending up in the absolute world elite of bass players did not come by surprise for Darryl, considering his roots and talent.

Growing up in the vibrant city of Chicago, Darryl discovered his love for music early on.

His family’s musical background shaped his development as a bassist by introducing him to a wide variety of influences of the day including Led Zeppelin, The Staple Singers or War.

Thus, Darryl was able to adapt his playstyle to a multitude of genres resulting in an peerless list of performances alongside some of the world’s most legendary artists.

The crowning glory would come in ’93 when he became the man on bass for the world’s greatest rock band, The Rolling Stones.

His bandmate Keith Richards once explained the decision in favour of Darryl Jones as follows: ‘He’s got the touch, he’s got the feel, and he’s got the attitude.’

In addition to his studio and session work for world renowned artists, Darryl still finds time to be actice for the music scene in his home town.

When schedules allow, he plays in a number of projects such as the Miles Electric Band or designs world-class instruments for his own brand ‘Jones Musical Instruments’.

But no matter what project he lends his talents to, Darryl Jones always remains true: „Regardless of genre, I try to play that song the best way I can and be always authentic to the music.“

For his comprehensive stage and session work as well as for his very own line of instruments, Darryl relies on KLOTZ cables to transmit the bass signal clearly and without interference to the amplifier and to always have a reliable cable at hand that can cope with all demands.

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