TM Stevens

“No one’s ever a klutz when they use cables from KLOTZ” – T.M. Stevens

TM Stevens story: bass forever


On March 10, 2024, the world of music lost a giant. T.M. Stevens, known for his legendary basslines and unmistakable funk style, passed away after a long illness. Yet his legacy will continue, a testament to his extraordinary musical prowess and charismatic personality.

T.M. Stevens was more than just a bassist – he was a magician on the instrument. His basslines were not merely rhythmic foundations but carried an undeniable energy that captivated listeners. From his early work with artists like James Brown to his time with Joe Cocker and many others, T.M. Stevens left an indelible mark on the music world with his unique style.

In addition to his musical brilliance, T.M. Stevens was known for his charm and wit. He had the ability to enchant people with his personality and bring laughter with his humor. These qualities made him a respected and beloved musician whose influence extended far beyond the stage.

Not least, his long-standing and loyal collaboration with Klotz AIS GmbH should also be mentioned. In 2000, the foundation was laid for the highly successful Signature Series, which includes the TM Stevens Funkmaster Cable. This collaboration speaks to his commitment to quality and innovation both on and off the stage.

T.M. Stevens will always live on in our hearts and in his music. His legacy will inspire us and influence generations of musicians to come. May his unforgettable music and spirit continue to shine brightly. Rest in peace, T.M. Stevens.