Thomas Meinlschmidt


Thomas Meinlschmidt is no stranger to Germany’s music scene.

The bassist and composer learnt his craft from the bottom up, studying at Bass School Munich and Würzburg University of Music.

His studio is a hotbed of creativity, where he composes commissioned works as well as developing his own projects, often collaborating with major names such as Uriah Duffy, Ralf Gustke and Uli Brodersen.

Thomas Meinlschmidt is also a published writer, author of the book “Improve your Groove” and regular columns in the specialist magazines “Bass Quarterly” and “Bonedo”.

As well as this array of activities, the Franconian native is also passionate about passing on his expertise.

He teaches electric and double bass at various institutions and regularly holds his own “Bassweekend” courses.

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