Kory Caudill

“I love my KLOTZ Cables! Playing keyboard through headphones usually gives a completely different sound from a studio environment – but the sound that KLOTZ Cables deliver is perfectly consistent. I hear exactly the same sound in the studio as I hear over the headphones. Before I tried KLOTZ I couldn’t hear any difference between even the most expensive cables – but with KLOTZ Cables, the difference was there straight away.”

– Kory Caudill


Kory Caudill made his stage debut at the tender age of four, appearing at the “Kentucky Opry” country venue in the Mountain Arts Center of his home town, Prestonsburg/Kentucky.

He quickly became their most popular performer. In the meantime, this young pianist has notched up hundreds of gigs and honed his personal style over time. His soon-to-be-released debut album will present a distillation of these years of experience.

With a career already spanning over twenty years, the keyboarder with the Justin Moore Band is on his way to becoming one of the most sought-after players on the music scene.

At home with virtually every type of music, Kory’s musical talent and virtuosity have brought him success in many different areas of music – as a producer, on tour with country superstars and playing concerts under his own name. The 26-year-old is definitely a name to watch out for in today’s country scene!

Kory’s parents were amazed when their little boy sat down at the piano and played the theme from “Superman” after hearing it on the TV. Recognizing their son’s talent, they supported him wherever possible. Today the keyboard wizard combines phenomenal technique and a sensitive, emotional style with unassuming modesty.

Kory Caudill relies on KLOTZ LaGrange.

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