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KLOTZ AIS-Titanium cable

Here you will find our products divided into the following areas of application:

Musician + Studio
High Fidelity
Dan Richards

“There’s nothing like them where cables are concerned; you can really hear the difference. I use KLOTZ in recordings because I know I’ll get the best signal quality. The sound is much fuller and richer.”

Dan RichardsOfficial Website
Stephen Leiweke

“Out of all the cables I tested, it delivered consistently clear sound through all the basses and highs – no other cable did that. As soon as I plugged in the Titanium, I knew there was no going back.”

Stephen LeiwekeOfficial Website
Cole Rolland

“I’m absolutely convinced that KLOTZ Cables are awesome – and I would recommend that anybody takes the time to check them out in depth.”

Cole RollandCole Rolland on Facebook
Jeremy Willet

“I was looking for a guitar cable that reproduces the exact guitar sound I want the audience to hear. KLOTZ Cables can do that – and the Titanium has a lifetime guarantee. I’ll never change my guitar cable.”

Jeremy WilletOfficial Website

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