Stephen Leiweke

As a producer, Stephen is an out-and-out perfectionist. So it was only natural that he did his homework and held a cable “shoot-out” with KLOTZ, Asterope, Monster and a budget brand. He was in no doubt that the KLOTZ cable was the winner:

“Out of all the cables I tested, it delivered consistently clear sound through all the basses and highs – no other cable did that. As soon as I plugged in the Titanium, I knew there was no going back.”


Stephen Leiweke has spent over 20 years in the recording business as a guitarist, producer and songwriter.

In the early 90s he earned his spurs as a live musician in various bands and toured through America. While Stephen is still sought out as a touring musician, his passion is focused on his own Yackland Studio in East Nashville.

He acquired a taste for studio work while making demos and recording live concerts, and decided to make it his main occupation. “I’ve always been fascinated by how a great song works – how the groove flows, how the individual instruments interact and mesh together.

I work with a lot of independent artists. When people hear one of my studio productions and say “Sounds like a big-budget job”, I have to laugh – it means I’ve done a good job!”

But Stephen Leiweke is more than a producer; he also provides his musicians with support in sales and marketing issues.

His studio spans genres from rock and pop to jazz and country, taking in alternative and gospel on the way.