To make sure the quality of their songs is seamlessly reflected in their sound, ROSCO choose KLOTZ cables.


The six Munich musicians that make up ROSCO have skilfully managed to evade any pigeonholing of their very personal style.

They’ve teamed solid electric guitars and driving rhythms with gravelly, rapped vocals in German (!) to create something that’s utterly unique, incredibly cool and absolutely no holds barred!

ROSCO’s unique form of German crossover is characterized by its powerhouse style, but the band never forgets to add emotion and humour to the mix.

Their first milestone in live performance was at the Free & Easy Festival, where they earned a tumultuous response and caused a sensation. Clubs and festivals throughout Germany had better watch out – ROSCO’s in town!

Since the band was formed in 2015 they have made three videos and released a single, “Was soll’s” (in November 2017); this will be followed in March 2018 by their debut album, “Hassliebe”.

Film director Joshua Bartos was flown in from Los Angeles for the video for “Was soll’s”. The stunning production was created in just three days of shooting. But ROSCO’s unique German crossover is primarily a feast for the ears.

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