Richard Bravo

Richard had tried many different cable brands before discovering KLOTZ Cables:

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Percussionist Richard Bravo is almost unequalled in embodying the passion of musical artistry – as his live performances and recordings amply demonstrate.

Born in Venezuela, he came to the US in 1978 and quickly realized that to get ahead in the music business, he would have to continue the musical training he had started as a child.

He graduated in sound engineering from Full Sail Academy in Orlando and moved to Florida, building a reputation as a “first call” percussionist who was more than a match for the high expectations in the professional music industry – and was also thoroughly familiar with the technical aspects of the job.

His training has paid off richly; Bravo now uses his own studio, Cuero Productions, for most of his percussion recordings for other artists. His flawless, rhythmically precise skills have amassed him a back catalogue of over 1000 recordings and 27 (!) Grammys.

Bravo can be heard on numerous mega-selling hits including Ricky Martin‘s “Unplugged” album, “Loud & Unplugged” (Juanes), and “Hips Don’t Lie” (Shakira) – but is also no stranger to mellower music such as Michael Bolton, or jazz by Herbie Hancock.

As an immigrant, Richard views it as a great honour to have made it to the pinnacle of the global music industry.

He shows his gratitude by passing on his expertise to up-and-coming generations, teaching Afro-Caribbean percussion at the University of Miami.

KLOTZ cables in action