Michael Jones

His long-standing friend Goldman was naturally part of the process – and so were KLOTZ Cables.

Spotted on stage were Smartlink 32 Stagebox plus various D10 DI boxes and LaGrange and FunkMaster instrument cables.


Despite his English name and birthplace, Michael Jones moved to France at the age of 19, returning to Normandy where his mother Simone Lalleman is originally from.

He earned a living as a musician, playing guitar and singing with Travers & Cie. In 1977 Jones joined the band Taï Phong – a band with a style comparable to early Genesis – and met Jean-Jacques Goldman, a key figure on the French music scene.

After three years Jones left to form Gulfstream. But Goldman was always in the background, writing the song “Viens” for Jones under the pseudonym of Sweet Memories.

Michael Jones rejoined his former musical colleague from 1983; in 1990 they teamed up with Carole Fredericks to form the trio Fredericks Goldman Jones, releasing an eponymous debut album (1990) and “Rouge” (1993) to great acclaim before splitting up after a final live album.

Through the years, Michael Jones has repeatedly worked on albums and tours for his musical soulmate, Jean-Jacques Goldman.

From 2004 to 2006 he was a member of the jury for Star Academy, the French version of Pop Idol. Brit boogie rockers Status Quo invited him on their French tour as Special Guest in 2008.

In 2013, Jones released his most recent album, “40 60” – a reference to Jones’s forty-year musical career and his age when the album came out.

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