Michael Elsner

Michael Elsner appreciates their natural, authentic sound most of all:

“I can really hear the difference when I use KLOTZ TITANIUM or LaGrange cables for my amp. They bring out every detail of the music’s expression, faithfully reproducing every hard or soft attack, and deliver the sound of the guitar and the amp with absolute fidelity. But the most important thing is that they feel so good to play with!”


Anyone born in Woodstock/NY would pretty much have to be in the music scene. And that’s exactly how it is with Michael Elsner.

He’s a classic side man, the musician behind the scenes – as guitarist, producer and composer.

Elsner was already a music fan at the age of eight. At the age of twelve he was determined to become a pro musician and embarked on a strict programme of practising to bring his dream within his reach.

Elsner has featured in numerous film scores including “Ella Enchanted”, “Young Adult”, “Thank You for Smoking”, “Sundays at Tiffany’s” and “Fairly Legal”, to say nothing of TV shows such as “The Young and the Restless”, “The Ex List”, “Growing Up Fisher” and “Dig”.

His playing can also be heard in many commercials, and his TV credits are likewise pretty impressive, spanning “American Idol”, “The Voice”, “Cold Case”, “Good Morning America”, “Pawn Stars”, “The Sing Off” and many more.

Elsner composes for films and video games for his own production company, Sonic Tremor.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he records guitars in his studio for sound libraries, writes articles and columns for Internet guitar sites and for “Collectible Guitar” magazine, and even found the time to publish a guitar tutor and give online tuition on a guitar website.

In addition, his solo album “Stained Voodoo” was chosen as Instrumental Album of the Year by the L.A. Music Awards.

Clearly a guitar workaholic! And clearly a musician that needs cables to handle his packed schedule without a murmur.

Michael Elsner’s cables of choice for studio and live work are by KLOTZ – TITANIUM and LaGrange for guitars, RockMaster for cabinets and M5 for microphones.

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