The new album by Killerpilze is a work of remarkable maturity. And in more than musical terms.

The three young “killer mushrooms” took up instruments in their teens; now in their mid-twenties, their lyrics have taken a reflective turn while their music has a powerful contemporary edge.

The Killerpilze have always embraced passion in their music, right from their very first performance as a band of schoolkids in 2003. After two years of gigging they had notched up 70 concerts and won a few awards as best up-and-coming band.

They also showed sound business sense, recording their first album at home and selling it online and at their concerts. It wasn’t long before a “real” record deal came along and they signed to Universal Music.

The debut album, “Invasion der Killerpilze” (2006), brought them their first gold disc; later albums were released by Johannes, Max und Fabian on their own label, killerpilzerecords.

Now with over 700 gigs throughout Europe behind them – including the great festival stages of Rock am Ring, Frequency, Nova Rock and Big Day Out – they still come out to a rapturous welcome from their fans, known as the “KP Family”.

Crowdfunding raised an impressive EUR 75,000 from the KP Family for an album production, making it the largest and most successful crowdfunding campaign ever in Germany’s music biz.

What musician wouldn’t love to have fans like those! And the fans didn’t stop there, donating a quarter of a million euros for the “Punk Goes to School” campaign and enabling a school to be built in Ethiopia.

Now the 2016 tour is around the corner, and the KP Family can look forward to eclectic new wave rock with powerfully emotional lyrics and passionate performances by Jo, Max and Fabi. With KLOTZ Cables naturally sharing the stage!

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