John Browne


When you have as much energy as John Browne, one band is never going to be enough. If you’re driven to transform your creativity into songs, better make it two!

John Browne is a guitarist, composer and producer for Monuments and for his solo project, Flux Conduct. The London-based progressive metal band Monuments is among the most important acts on today’s djent scene – even though John Browne is not keen on the term, preferring to view the music as good metal that just happens to feature really low-tuned guitars…

Browne’s interest in music began when his mother gave him a Michael Jackson record, and things took off from there. He soon began to focus on guitar, becoming a fan of Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) at age 12 and John Petrucci (Dream Theater) at age 16.

John Browne’s songs are mega-heavy, but also mega-melodic – living proof that the two ideas are not a contradiction in terms.

He’s familiar with KLOTZ products and has been using many of our cables for years, like the M Series, various mic cables, the Funkmaster, the Joe Bonamassa Signature, various MIDI cables and our highest-end Titanium cable.

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