Hannah Holbrook – Shell

Hannah Holbrook, the H in SHEL, says,

“I have a weakness for KLOTZ Cables. They’re so reliable. I use them for keyboard and vocals and in the studio.”


Fort Collins, Colorado, is packed with bicycles, breweries and art of all kinds. That’s quite an unusual combination – and it might go some way towards explaining the unique sound of SHEL.

These four sisters grew up in a creative and questing environment. Home-schooled, they received music tuition from their musician father from an early age. Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza are only five years apart in age.

Hannah started off on piano, while Sarah was taught violin, Liza learnt harmonica and Eva tackled the mandolin. Liza later switched to percussion after discovering her talent for rhythm.

The girls first accompanied their father under the name of “Andrew Holbrook with SHEL”, which then became “SHEL with Andrew Holbrook” and finally simply SHEL.

A friend of the family put them in touch with Grammy-nominated producer Brent Maher. They spent an unhurried three years working on songs with Maher, finally releasing their eponymous debut album to a very positive reception.

SHEL’s music and visual image combines elements of folk, vaudeville, carnival and even steampunk, interwoven with influences from the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Harry Nilsson and Strength in Numbers to create an utterly distinctive sound.

There’s no need for a crystal ball to predict a bright future in music for the quartet. SHEL are currently working on their second album, produced by no less than Dave Stewart (Eurythmics).

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