Coy Bowles – Zac Brown Band

This busy lifestyle is a challenge both for Coy Bowles as a musician, and for his equipment.

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– Coy Bowles


Typical milestones in a musical career might be: first guitar aged 10, first band aged 13, played cover versions, wrote own songs. That was exactly the pattern for Coy Bowles, guitarist and keyboard player with the Zac Brown Band.

Bitten by the music bug from childhood, Coy’s passion for music took a back seat after high school in favour of biology studies.

At Georgia State University he met Zac Brown – and his plans for an academic career were shelved. Music became his focus. After intensive private tuition at the university jazz department, he felt he was good enough to continue his studies there.

To amass the necessary live experience, he immersed himself in every music scene Atlanta had to offer – from jazz to blues and rock, seeking out a colourful blend of influences.

Coy Bowles founded his own band, Coy and the Fellowship, in 2004. On the lookout for bands that the Fellowship could support at live gigs, he met his old university colleague Zac Brown again and joined the Zac Brown Band as their full-time keyboard player.

Their 2008 album, “The Foundation”, was a massive success, selling over three million copies and sending four singles (“Chicken Fried”, “Highway 20 Ride”, “Free” and “Toes”) to the top of the country charts.

The first Grammy as “Best New Artist” followed one year later, and the year after that saw the band on their first headliner tour. When Coy Bowles isn’t on tour with Zac Brown he still plays with The Fellowship at clubs in and around Atlanta.

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