André Hilgers


André Hilgers is among Germany’s premier exponents of the art of drumming.

A textbook example of a seasoned veteran, he has notched up a host of celebrity milestones over the decades of his professional career and today sits behind the kit for Bonfire and Herman Frank.

Drums are a band instrument, so at the age of 12 André set off to find a band. After a good ten years with local heroes like “Ninja”, “Mendacious Messiah” and “Vanize”, he met Axel Beyrodt during recordings for his solo CD.

The meeting would prove to be life-changing. Beyrodt’s solo project became “The Sygnet” and then “Silent Force” – and André Hilger was at the heart of them.

After three hugely successful albums he became a member of Axxis – a further institution in the field of German rock. That guest spot lasted from 2004 to 2008.

Other milestones in his career as a drummer were spells with Rage (2007-2015) and Sinner (2011-2014). André Hilgers is currently drummer with Herman Frank (ex-Accept) and Bonfire.

André Hilgers has played virtually all the major stages of the world, has an endless string of studio work behind him, and runs a drum school “in his spare time” as well as a popular drum tutorial channel on YouTube.

He knows exactly what counts and exactly how important each individual element is in creating the big picture.

So it was only logical that sooner or later he would become a member of the KLOTZ family. And here he is!

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