Looms - Audio Connecting Cables

Looms (pigtail adapters) are used for manageable, systematic connection of multiple devices such as radio receivers and auxiliary devices (CD players, flashcard recorders etc.). KLOTZ a.i.s. looms feature highly flexible cables and clearly labelled, consecutively numbered shrink sleeves for maximum clarity. Event technicians particularly appreciate this orderly solution, especially for internal rack cabling.


Looms, analogue

These cables are the simple way of connecting multiple channels, e.g. radio microphone receivers to mixing desk or stagebox, using a single multicore cable.   


Looms, digital

  • With XLR connectors for 2 or 4 digital audio channels
  • 25-pin D-Sub connecting cables (YAMAHA or TASCAM AES/EBU)
  • Proven studio quality using flexible Omni_Wire cable
  • Shielded D-Sub connectors, metal